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Indigenous Amazonians Shipibo–Konibo radio broadcasters

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This article describes how Peruvian Shipibo–Konibo people instrumentalize local radio stations to participate in civil society and to become social leaders supported by their communities. The investigational group consisted of Shipibo–Konibo communicators, all of them are men, who work at local radio stations located in the region Ucayali, Amazonas, Peru. The indigenous radio broadcasters interviewed were chosen from the most popular radio stations of Ucayali.

Topics in radio programs are politics, corruption, abuse, mishandling, as well as celebrations, traditional holidays, communities’ anniversaries, and other cultural activities. Promoting social demands of their localities has given rise to new generations who now attend university and conduct radio programs in Shipibo–Konibo and Spanish, to communicate their concerns. It is an exploratory type research with a qualitative approach, focused on radio programs that got more local audience in the Peruvian Amazonia.

The Shipibo–Konibo people have the goal of participating in decision-making at the highest political level. So they organize their political influence on two levels: on one hand, with their indigenous organizations demanding their incorporation into the Peruvian national projects; on the other hand, through the analog and digital media to achieve cohesion and promote participation and involvement to improve critical aspects that affect them as a culture.

Producto de la Investigación: Indigenous Amazonians on air: Shipibo–Konibo radio broadcasters and their social influence in Peru – Jacqueline Oyarce-Cruz, Melissa Medina Paredes, Markus Maier, 2019

Autores: Jacqueline Oyarce-Cruz ORCID/Email / Google Scholar

Melissa Medina Paredes

Markus Maier

AlterNative An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples, January 2019, SAGE PublicationsDOI: 10.1177/1177180118823561

Lima, 01 de agosto de 2020

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